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Graffiti Removal & Pressure Washing

img26Graffiti can make you business look bad and at worst like you’re not looking after it. If it’s not removed quickly you can expect more to appear.

We’ll get rid of graffiti so your business isn’t damaged by it.

We have a fast response call-out service to remove graffiti from all types of surface. The last thing you want is your vehicles advertising graffiti and not your product – it wont help your reputation.

Our clients include councils and their contractors, housing associations and the general public. No order is too big or small. We provide a competitively priced removal service to both commercial and domestic clients.

We use our own water, not yours

Our washing and drainage clearance systems are completely self sufficient so you won’t need to worry about us asking for power and water. For more demanding jobs we hold a Thames Water Hydrant License that allows us to access water from the street.

Other pressure washing services

  • Brick, stone and masonry cleaning – our high-powered jet washing system can transform your premises, by removing black carbon pollution and bringing the exterior back to its original look.
  • Shop front and awning cleaning – we can brighten up your shops fronts and awnings making them more attractive for your customers.
  • Moss and algae removal – build-up of moss and algae on paths, forecourts and underfoot surfaces can make them treacherous for slipping on. Our specialist services completely remove the moss and algae and prevent regrowth.
  • Chewing gum removal – we efficiently remove unsightly chewing gum from pavements to shop floors helping make the surfaces look good again.

Need it removed right now?

CALL: 0800 018 6669 and we’ll arrange it.