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Window Cleaning

img03We clean all types of windows on commercial premises to a high quality streak-free standard. There’s almost no window that we cannot reach, Well, maybe in space…

We find the best solution for cleaning your windows. The method we use depends on what you need done. This can vary considerably depending on how accessible your windows are.

How to arrange a quote

  • you request for a quote
  • we’ll send a site surveyor to your premises
  • we carry out a full health & safety assessment
  • we decide the best method of window cleaning
  • we send you a free, no-obligation quotation

Where possible we always prefer to visit your site in person to be able to provide the most accurate quote.

However we understand this cannot always be done. For example, if time or access to the property is a concern then we can provide accurate quotations over the phone using Google Street View.

Purified detergent-free water

We use purified and detergent-free water which attracts the dirt from your windows leaving clear, polished, streak-free windows which stay that way longer.

Training and safety of staff

Our window cleaners are trained to a high standard and we take safety seriously. All our staff are fully IPAF trained and CRB vetted before being allowed onto your premises.

Window cleaning methods


For more accessible windows we use squeegee, ladders, harnesses from installed eyebolts and other appropriate tools.

Pole-mounted brush system

A pole-mounted brush system that cleans windows a ladder can’t reach. This system is extremely efficient, meaning we can clean industrial units and multi-storey buildings thoroughly, quickly and with minimal disruption.

Reach & Wash

Our water-fed extendable carbon fibre pole reaches up to 80ft for hard to reach windows. Through these we pump filtered reverse osmosis water for the best possible finish. Our London window cleaning teams uses state-of-the-art IONIC Swift poles for the most efficient service and best results.

Powered access

Our fully trained window cleaners can use powered access machinery such as ‘Cherry Pickers’ , ‘Spiders’ and ‘Scissor lifts’ to reach otherwise inaccessible areas, such as internal areas of glass atriums or glass canopy overhangs.

Abseiled window cleaning

We use highly trained cleaners who can access areas that are off limits to machines or too high to be cleaned by our Reach & Wash systems.

Need it removed right now?

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