Washroom services - Office Cleaning London


We provide the products you need to keep your washrooms clean, comfortable and hygienic. And keep your staff satisfied that they're being looked after.

  • Air Fresheners
  • Sanitary Bins
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Vending Machines
  • Urinals
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We work with your business to provide your staff with the best washroom facilities your budget allows. We’ve years of industry knowledge behind us, so we know what you need to reach the standards required by health & safety legislation.

Every organisation is different, so we treat you and your organisation individually, tailoring a solution that fits in with your needs.

Our feminine hygiene service provides your washroom with either one of our manual sanitary bins or our ultra hygienic no touch sanitary bins.

Our dedicated team of fully trained representatives perform scheduled visits to your premises. They complete a feminine hygiene disposal bin exchange to ensure that your business is constantly delivering a high level of feminine hygiene disposal.

IIf you are looking for an affordable and quality solution for your sanitary disposal then why not see if we can be of service to your organisation. We provide low cost sanitary bins on service with a minimum of 12 service visits a year.

Washroom Products

  • A wide selection of wall mounted and automatic air freshening dispensers and refills suitable for washrooms, offices, hotels and retail premises.
  • Soap dispensers to suit all budgets from bulk fill budget dispensers to top of the range luxury foam soap in quality designer dispensers.
  • Various toilet vending machines offering a range of products for guests and staff. Everything can be offered, from sanitary products to hotel toiletries. The vending machines are compact and unobtrusive.
  • Complete urinal hygiene solution that reduces urinal blockages and odours while reducing washroom water use.

img37We’re registered with the Environment Agency

We comply with all current regulations as shown by our Environment Agency registration. Duty of Care and Waste Transfer documentation is provided free of charge. Sanitary waste is a controlled waste and must be removed from your premises by an authorised waste transfer license holder.