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img23Look after the environment by using our Eco-clear urinal system. Not only does it reduce urinal blockages and odours but also massively reduces water usage.

How conventional water flushing urinals work

Conventional water flushing urinals use a continual flow of water or have a frequent automatic flushing system. This wastes a large volume of water and does not necessarily alleviate the problem of odour.

Over time, biofilm forms on the urinal waste trap, drain and pipework, providing an ideal environment for bacteria that cause blockages.

How Eco-clear works

The Eco-clear sleeve is installed inside the urinal waste pipe and acts a temporary holding vessel for urine, meaning the system can be flushed through less often.

With Eco-clear urinal flushing reduced to as little as just four times a day, resulting in a reduction of water use by up to 90%.

The sleeve also contains bio-enzymes that penetrate uric acid, salts and scale, preventing bacteria growing or bio-film forming that can cause blockages.

A system using so little water also helps significantly reduce urinal odour, which occurs when uric acid reacts with water.

The Eco-clear sleeve cap and Eco-clear system work together to keep urinals fresh for six months, each sleeve lasts 3 months

Quadrasan MK11 Dispenser


The Quadrasan dispenser provides the most effective automatic hygiene system that ensures clean sanitised and odour free toilets and urinals 24hrs a day.

99% of bacteria and germs are killed in the first flush. Hard water deposits are actively attacked while scale and unsightly stains are prevented, eliminating the breeding ground of odour causing bacteria.



At a glance


*Availble in Silver and White

*Real time programmability

*Enhanced chemical delivery

*Regular stocking and maintenance



*Part of co-ordinated range

*Real time programmability

*Choice of number of refills per year, 12 or 24 hour operation

*start time, and days of operation (5, 6 or 7)

*Countdown clock for each dose, confirms operation

*Patented automatic reset when refill is replaced

*Non -Return valve for compatibility with pressurised systems.

Ureco Refill Cart


Available in Chrome and White

Patented surface tension technology creating an odor lock in conjunction with a unique, highly fragrances enzyme block containing far more active ingredients than its closest rival, means the Ureco is well and truly in a league of its own.

The Ureco system, when used in conjunction with Ureco market specific adapters, will fit most urinals around the world

At a glance


*latest in Enzyme and urinal sleeve technology

*Enzyme will eradicate the common horrific urinal smells

*Eradicate crystallised uric salt blockages

*Colour options: white, chrome